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Penelope Anne-Cedar City-UT - Mountains - Trees-Grass-Tall Grass-Dog-Golden Retriever-Leash

Welcome to 'The Adventures of Penelope Anne  '


Naturally Curious

Hello, Everyone! My name is Penelope Anne, some call me "P" or "PA". I like "Miss P" the best! I'm a Golden Retriever. I was born in Pennsylvania on December 18th, 2018. I now live in Florida near the sunny, sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, which I enjoy so much.

My Dad and I spent almost two years traveling across the United States together and we love seeing what the World has to offer. Everywhere we go is an adventure and we thoroughly enjoy doing research on the places we visit. What I love even more, is passing that knowledge onto you, our readers.

The Adventures of Penelope Anne®, a unique site here for you to explore. My adventures have added such value not only to my life, but the life of my Dad and my beloved followers. I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal fans. So read on, and enjoy.

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My-Paws-Across-America-United States-Map-Paws-Travel

My accomplishments so far...

Penelope-Anne-Haugan-Montana-Road-Trees-Mountains-Hills-Grass-Dog-Golden Retriever

Haugan, MT

Penelope-Anne-Clinton-Iowa-Highway-Brick-Sign-Grass-Builldings-Trees-Dog-Golden Retriever
Penelope-Anne-film crew-Flagler Beach-Florida-Actors-Actresses-Dog-Golden Retriever-Ocean-Beach-Life Guard Chair

Flagler Beach, FL


Just East of the Salt Flats on I-80 in Grantsville, UT

Penelope-Anne-Roswell-New Mexico-Fence-Alien Head-Tree-Dirt-Grass-Dog-Golden Retriever

Roswell, NM

Lincoln Highway
Clinton, IA

My most recent posts...

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