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Hello Everyone! 


Every once in a while I have a hard time believing what all I have accomplished in my first couple years of life. The things I've seen, all the different smells in so many different places. Sometimes I have to give myself a little scratch behind the ear to check if this is real or am I dreaming, because sometimes it just doesn't seem real. But, it is very real. Are you ready to find out what I am referring too? Hold on, here we go....

I have traveled 180,810 miles. These are all Cross-Country miles. (local, around town miles don't count).

I've been to all 48 Contiguous United States and Washington, D.C.

I have spent the night in every State I've been in except Maine, Maryland, Nevada and Vermont (items on 'My Bucket List').

I've crossed over 5 of the 6 Continental Divides in North America several times. They are...Great, Laurentian, St. Lawrence, Eastern and Great Basin. (My Dad says there is no way we are going to cross the Arctic Divide). He is not a fan of cold weather. 😂

The highest above Sea Level I've been is on Interstate 70 in The Rocky Mountains at 11,158 feet above Sea Level. The lowest I've been is on Interstate 10 in Coachella, CA at 72 feet below Sea Level.

I've become friends with quite a few puppies, a horse, I've gotten moo'd by a cow. (That scared the you know what out of me). 😨

I've swam in the Atlantic Ocean (Pacific Ocean on 'My Bucket List'), I've had all four paws in the Great Salt Lake. I've seen 4 of the 5 Great Lakes. They are...Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. I have not seen Lake Superior yet. The only Great Lake I've been in is Lake Erie, just all four paws though...for now. Did you know that the Great Lakes are also called the Great Lakes of North America and the Laurentian Great Lakes?

I've driven through four Ghost Towns...three in Texas and one in New Mexico. (Another Bucket List item is to take a walk through a Ghost Town).

I've been on the U.S./Mexico border in San Diego, CA.

The closest I've been to Canada was in Brownstown Charter Township, MI.

I've crossed over The Mighty Mississippi River and The Colorado River's in every State that they run through several times.

I watched the rocket launch of Inspiration4. The first all civilian crew going into Space.

I almost went to puppy prison at the airport in Louisville, KY (because my Dad got us lost). 😂


I have become a Dog Actress and will be in two new original TV series. I also have filmed two commercials. One is with a brand new dog toy company and the other is with a well known hotel chain. Hopefully with more to come. 🤞 (they need a paws crossed emoji) 😉😂


I am also going to be a children's book author.


Not to bad for only being three years old, huh? 


and my adventures have only begun. Stay tuned...

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