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Happy Halloween Eve 2021

Updated: May 21, 2023

Halloween Eve is also known as 'Devil's Night' or 'Mischief Night' which is practiced in certain parts of the United States. I didn't do any mischief, but my Dad and I went on two adventures today.

First we went to the Lake Helen-Cassadaga Cemetery. It is located in Volusia County, Florida. Gravesites date back to the 1800's. Two things about this cemetery which makes it interesting. One is that it has a chair called 'The Devil's Chair'. It is said to have been build by an elderly visitor to use while paying respect to his deceased wife. Local legend says this chair if you sit in it you can hear the Devil speak to you. My Dad and I both sat in it and didn't hear anything. Another local legend about this chair is that if you leave an unopened beer can on it overnight. The next morning when you come back it will be empty, but still sealed. Maybe one day I will give that a try.

The next thing about this cemetery is that it has a wooden gravestone. My Dad and I have never seen a wooden tombstone before. You couldn't read what was on it, but could tell there was writing on it at some point. While writing this post and looking at all the pictures. My Dad zoomed in on the picture he had taken with me and this gravestone and you could actually read some of what it says.

The second thing we did today was go a couple blocks to the unincorporated community of Cassadaga. Cassadaga, FL is labeled the "Psychic Capital of the World". The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp began in 1875 by George P. Colby, a trance medium who founded the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association. Cassadaga, FL was named after Cassadaga, NY, a town adjacent to Lily Dale, NY another Spiritualist Camp community. On March 14, 1991, the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp was declared a U.S. Historic District.

While seeing what this community was all about. We found out some very interesting things and areas to explore. Including a Fairy Trail. More stories of this will area will be discussed at a later time.

During our exploration of this Spiritualist Community, it was only fitting to talk to people about the original TV series 'Unfinished Business', considering it is about the supernatural. I handed out my personal business cards and also the TV show postcards of me. Everyone we talked too was very excited about the TV show and to meet one of it's stars. And yes I told them about the other TV series I will be in 'Backseat to Justice' and the children's books I am writing. People were so amazed and happy to meet a dog who is an Actor and a soon to be Author. 🤗

Well I'm exhausted. If you want to see a ton more pictures of this Halloween Eve adventure. Please go to my Facebook and Instagram pages. Each will have different pictures than the other.

Have a great evening and stay out of trouble! I know I will. 😉


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