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Blue Spring State Park, Orange City, FL

Updated: May 21, 2023

The Adventures of Penelope Anne, Dog, Golden Retriever, Fence, Wood, Grass, Trees, Palm Trees, Water, River, Bandana, Blue Spring State Park, Orange City, Florida

Happy New Year 2022!

What a way to start a new year. First my Dad and I decided to do a challenge for the new year. It's called 'Hiker's 365 Challenge'. To complete this challenge we have to hike / walk 365 miles in 365 days. We are using the app AllTrails to log our progress. We walked 5.38 miles on our first day of this challenge. Not bad if I do say so myself. Can we do it? Can we make the 365 mile goal by December 31st? I think we are off to a good start.

Speaking of starts. Today we went with a couple friends of ours who brought my best doggie friend / boyfriend Reggie with them. Reggie is a white Golden Retriever. We have so much fun together when we play, but this is our first adventure together. Usually we just play at his house. Do you want to know something? Reggie has a birthday coming up. I'm going to have to remind my Dad to take me shopping to get him something special.

The Adventures of Penelope Anne, Dog, Golden Retriever, Grass, Trees, Palm Trees, Water, River, Blue Spring State Park, Orange City, Florida

So where did we go for our first adventure together? 'Blue Spring State Park' which is a first for me and my Dad. This park is so beautiful and amazing. The St. Johns River runs through it. The water temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit year round. You can hike, camp, canoe, paddleboard, kayak, swim, snorkel, scuba dive. In one area of this river in this state park there is an underwater cave that scuba divers love to explore. The water is so crystal clear. I'm sorry these pictures don't do it justice. It truly is crystal clear water. You have to see it for yourself to believe it. But you can also see better pictures on my social media accounts, (Make sure you check out Facebook and Instagram). Do you want to know something else that is amazing about this park? It has so much wild life here. I saw manatees for the very first time. Did you know manatees are also called 'sea cows'? I think that's pretty weird considering they look nothing like cows that are on a farm. I might just have to look into the whole 'sea cow' name thing. We also saw an alligator sunbathing on a log, a turtle who was also sunbathing on a log right behind the alligator and several different species of birds.

The Adventures of Penelope Anne, Dog, Golden Retriever, Grass, Trees, Palm Trees, Water, River, Blue Spring State Park, Orange City, Florida

From there my Dad and I left and ended up at our beach. We took a nice walk on Flagler Beach, then ended up at one of our favorite places 'Coquina Coast Brewing Company' to relax and get a refreshment. Just water for me please! Oh and maybe a dog cookie from one of the owners. Sometimes I even get a cookie before my Dad gets anything. My Dad says I'm spoiled, but I say just overly loved by all. There was a two man band playing live music tonight. They were really, really good. I even got to meet and hang out with them. They are the second band I've gotten to hang out with. I think I am becoming a regular 'Roadie' or is it a 'Groupie'? Either way it's fun to 'hang with the band'.

As always we promoted my two TV shows I will be in 'Unfinished Business' and 'Backseat to Justice', I signed some autographs and talked about my upcoming children's book series too.

The Adventures of Penelope Anne, Coquina Coast Brewing Company, Flagler Beach, Florida, Band, Picnic Tables, Buildings, Fence, Guitars , Microphones

Once we got home, I ate and cuddled up next to my Dad and passed out before he even opened the computer to write this post. I know he still has to post to my Facebook and Instagram pages before he can rest. Sometimes I feel bad for him, but I do have to say he is the greatest Father / Manager ever!

Don't forget to check out my Facebook and Instagram accounts for more pictures.

Good Night!


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