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Blindogg Productions, LLC

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Penelope Anne in Backseat To Justice poster in Flagler Beach, FL
Penelope Anne in Unfinished Business poster in Flagler Beach, FL

Blindogg Productions, LLC is an award winning Florida-based TV/film and video production company. Current projects include the upcoming FILM NOIR mini-series "Backseat to Justice", feature film "24 Minutes", and the television series "Unfinished Business"

And guess what!? Yours truly is part of this amazing film company. In the Film Noir inspired mini-series "Backseat to Justice", I play the role of "Myself" and in the Supernatural Crime Thriller "Unfinished Business", I play the role of "Anubis".

Do you want to learn more? How about reading the books before the TV series air? Well click on the "Floyd" logo that says award winning on the top of this page and you will be taken to Blindogg's website where there is SO much more information on everything Blindogg, including their very own signature coffee. What are you waiting for? Click on Floyd now...

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