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About me

My story begins on a cold December day in 2018 in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Their was eight of us. Five boys and three girls. Shortly after we were born I heard a voice, an elegant, soft, kind, loving voice. I wasn't sure if my siblings heard it too or not, but it said 'I choose you'.

Two months later one of my brother's and I went on a road trip with a very nice couple. Many hours later when we finally got to our destination I met this man and as soon as I smelled him and looked in his eyes, I knew right away that not only was I home, but this is the man I am suppose to take care of.

In the first three years of my life, I have traveled to all 48 Continental United States, I became an actress and now a children's book author of non-fiction and educational stories.

I have so many stories to share. So get ready for a fun filled adventure as seen through my eyes. Are you ready? Let's go...

Penelope Anne in St. Augustine, FL
The Adventures of Penelope Anne, Dog, Golden Retriever
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